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iPhone 5s replacement instead of fixing your 5?
iPhone 5 Repair:
Worth it or is it time for an iPhone 5S?

Added 9/26/2013

     With the recent launch of the latest and greatest iPhone to-date, the iPhone 5s, many of you iPhone 5 owners (who, it should be pointed out, are very happy with their current device) might think twice about having your iPhone 5 fixed, should an accident occur. The enticing allure of a Gold iPhone in your hand, shimmering like a beacon in a crowded office, is definitely something any Apple fan/user would find hard to resist. But you should, and here is why:


     Everyone with an iPhone 5 has had it less than a year; so justifying spending the better part of a grand twice in a year is hard to do, even for the most hard-core fans and users with unlimited budgets. So many users will want one, but will ultimately wait; either until the 2 year service agreement is up and they can take advantage of whatever the latest great deal on an iPhone upgrade (with another 2 year commitment, of course) or until they have an iPhone accident.


     Now it's hard to argue with the logic of upgrading an iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3g or any other iPhone model) to the iPhone 5s once your contract is up, and the iPhone 5s has gone on sale (with a new 2 year contract). But when it comes to a damaged iPhone 5, getting it repaired is just the best choice. Regardless of whether your screen is cracked, the digitizer is malfunctioning, the case is damaged, the camera is broken or anything else, we can still get your iPhone back to looking and working as good as the day you got. Not only can we repair your iPhone, but we can do it for LESS THAN ANY OTHER TAMPA BAY AREA iPhone repair facility, FASTER than the time you would spend on the waiting list for a Gold iPhone 5s and definitely cheaper than buying the newest iPhone.


     Really, the choice is yours to make and some people just want that new iPhone. Everyone who's used it can relate on some level. But remember, even if you do decide to rush out to the Apple Store and buy one instead of fixing your iPhone 5, you should still have your 5 repaired. You'll be able to recoup a lot more of your new investment by selling a perfectly-working/looking iPhone then a broken one "for parts".

     So trust us, your local Apple Repair specialists, to help in putting the "on" back in your iPhone. Contact MacRepairAppleRepairTampa.com today!

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