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Added 7/4/2013

Digitizer ReplacementDo you have a cracked screen that still seems to work? An LCD that doesn't have any dead pixels but still has a crack somehow across the surface? That's because your digitizer is broken, which happen more oftern then you'd think and can be considerably cheaper to replace then the entire iPad screen.

What the digitizer is, specifically, is the part of a touchscreen device that senses your finger (or stylus) and converts it to a 'click'. Some digitizers require a stylus, others (like those on the iPad, iPhone, iPod and other iDevices) will work with either your finger or stylus.Another function of the digitizer (or the Gorilla Glass, as it's more commonly reffered) is that it provides a shield or barrier, protecting the much more expensive component (the LCD) from the bumps and knocks and scratches of everyday use.

There are a lot of people who think that if you're screen is cracked then "all is lost" and you need to replace the entire LCD and Gorilla Glass combination, which in turn, has a lot of repair shops telling you that any crack, even a small one, requires an expensive replacement of everything havng to do with the display. Don't be fooled! In many instances your LCD is completely salvagable and we can replace the digitizer back to the original perfect condition fast and inexpensive.

Contact us today for more information on getting a replacement iPad digitizer, iPhone digitizer, iPod digitize or any other iDevice component.


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